Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract

Fed up with pushing yourself at the gym but not never getting the body you've always wanted? Or does going on a special diet ONLY make you uber-hungry at the end of the day?

Weight Loss experts say that the best and ONLY way to lose weight is to burn calories more than you take every day. This means two things: One, you MUST eat less, and Two, you MUST exercise. But how do you even begin to control your hunger? If you're hungry you eat, right? And what about exercise? In this day and age, who has the time to spend 2 -3 hours at the gym every day?

The Latest and Most Amazing Breakthrough in the world of weight loss, Green Coffee Bean Extract does everything for you! It works in 2 ways to help you LOSE WEIGHT! It LOWERS your CALORIE INTAKE, and BURNS the CALORIES for you. In short, Green Coffee Bean does everything to help you get the body you've always dreamed of.

Green Coffee Beans: Are these the regular Coffee Beans?

greencofffeeNow you might be asking, coffee? The very thing you drink every morning? Yes, and No. The coffee beans used in green coffee bean extracts are regular coffee beans that you use for your morning cup of joe, but they're UNROASTED. When coffee beans are unroasted, they're green. And when they're unroasted, they contain a special ingredient that holds the magical properties that make them the PERFECT WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION.

When coffee beans are raw, they contain Chlorogenic Acid. When they are roasted, most of this acid is killed. So drinking a cup of coffee will not make you lose weight but taking green coffee bean extract will.

Chlorogenic Acid lowers the levels of glucose in your body. When you have high levels of sugar, like when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, processed food, and fast food, your sugar level goes up. When this happens, your pancreas releases insulin to your blood system. Insulin then tells your body to store fat, making you gain weight but also making you feel tired and hungry, continuing the nasty cycle of chronic weight gain.

When you take green coffee bean extract, the chlorogenic acid will dramatically reduce your sugar levels. And when your glucose is down, your body's ability to store fat will also be reduced – which means you will not be gaining weight. PLUS, chlorogenic acid will STOP your sugar cravings and BOOSTS your METABOLISM. So it LOWERS your CALORIE INTAKE and STOPS your CRAVINGS.

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